New Event August 23 & 24th

2 Day Live Zoom
August 23rd and 24th at 8:30pm EST
Day 1 (60 min) How to grow your social media following to earn money for your business. (inc 10 min Q&A)
Day 2 (60 min) How to setup a VIRTUAL group business (every step from A-Z) (inc 10 min Q&A)

Host: TeamFitboss
Presenter: Andrew Belle
Andre is another Fitboss that has found success with the Dumbbells to Dollars Course and combined our fitness formula with his social media expertise to amass over 1 million followers across his social media platforms including having 601k followers on Facebook. Andre has gone viral 3x (+1 million views) on TikTok and has helped other trainers grow their social media as well.
Now Andre teaches 8 hours per week and spends the rest of his time growing his following, getting paid for posting content, and helping trainers like you to see success.
Normally you would have to pay $500 just to get a consultation with Andre. For this seminar you have one of two options.

Option 1: $199 for Day 1 only where you will learn:
-How to establish your niche
-How to create your avatar
-What to post, where to post it, and how often

Option 2: $299 for Day 1 & 2 where you will learn:
-Everything from day 1 +
-How to set up your own virtual bootcamp including what equipment to buy, how to set up, and the best platform to offer your services.